Adoption Process – Our 6 Steps to Adopt

Udall Family-31Ben and I have been working to clarify what our adoption process will most likely look like. I don’t know about you, but I love lists! From what I know at this point, here’s a overview of our expected process:

Step 1: Home Study –  Where we are Today

This is an assessment of prospective adoptive parents to see if they are suitable to adopt a child. It can take 2-5 months an involves 16 hours of classes, multiple interviews with a social worker, and a LOT of paperwork. The bottom-line purpose of the home study is to decipher any indicators that a child could be abused or neglected. It will be a good process for us to go through as we will be talking through our anticipated parenting plans, etc. before our child is in our arms (kinda like pre-parent counseling).

Step 2: Adoption Consultant Sign-Up

We are planning to work with Dawn and Jason Wright with Christian Adoption Consultants. Adoption Consultants provide added support and resourcing as we walk through the adoption process. They have 10 different vetted agencies that we choose from to apply for placement. Working with a consultant often results in a faster, smoother placement. Dawn and Jason have adopted 9 kids and have already started helping us with our questions.

Step 3: Profile Book Completion

Our profile book is what introduces us to potential Birth Families. They will look through several couple’s profile books at a time to help them choose who they would like to place their child with. It can also be a helpful process for Birth Mom’s to decide if she is going to place her child with a family. Our profile book will contain information about ourselves, including pictures. We will also have an online profile.

Step 4: Sign Up with Agencies

Once we have completed our profile book, we will sign up with several agencies and wait to be chosen.

Step 5: Wait and Selection

We will be waiting until Birth Parents chose us. Depending on how far along our Birth Mom is, we will meet with her before her due date and even (ideally) be at the hospital when our child is born. Some Birth Moms choose to place their baby later in their pregnancy or even right after their baby is born, so we’re waiting to see at what part of our baby’s development we’ll connect.

Step 6: Placement

Once we are holding Baby Udall there will be followup appointments with our social worker. Typically six months after placement, our child legally becomes ours for life and is issued a new birth certificate.

Fundraising and Saving

Throughout this whole process we are also working on Fundraising and Saving. If you want to help in this part of the process, you can send us a check or go to the link below to give. Right now we’re focusing on completing the first two steps of the process. We are almost half way to what we will need for Home Study! We have been amazed and humbled by the generosity of friends and family.

Give to Udall Adoption Through GoFundMe


It’s pretty exciting to step out in faith and to trust God to provide. We fully believe He will provide all we need for this process – financially, emotionally, relationally, etc. We are really thankful that He has us on this path. We are filled with joy as we plan for the steps ahead.



We Are Adopting!

 Ben and I are so excited to officially announce that we are adopting! It has been a long journey to get to this place and we are looking forward to see who God has planned to join our family.

After much prayer, thought, research, and conversation we are moving forward with adopting an infant from the US. This means we’re going through an agency in the US that connects us with a Birth Mother who is choosing to give life to her child and place him or her with loving Adoptive Parents. Ideally, we’ll get to meet our baby’s Birth Mother before our child is born and even be there for his or her birth.

What this means for us:


It costs an average $35,000 to complete an adoption in the US through an agency. There are legal fees, home study fees, classes, application costs, travel expenses, post-placement fees, and more. We are doing everything we can to aggressively save money and budget well, but a significant gap will remain that we are trusting God to fill.


We are busy learning everything we can about adoption. Talking with adoptive families, reading books, researching online, networking, etc. – we’re basically sponges right now. There’s a lot to learn!


There is a lot of paperwork to complete. Filling out home study paperwork, agency applications, and completing our family profile will keep us busy for months to come.


We don’t know how long it will be until we get to bring Baby Udall home. It could be a year or longer. Right now we see the waiting as a good thing. God gives Moms nine months of pregnancy for a reason! We have a lot of work to do to prepare our hearts and home for our baby.

What you can do:

Connect with Us.

We are in need of leaning into community now more than ever. We know we cannot do this alone.

Ask Questions.

We don’t expect you to know a lot of information about adoption if you’ve never had experience with it.  We are really happy to answer any questions you may have about our process. We love sharing the things that we are walking through and learning.

Share Positive Adoption Stories.

Raising children is risky whether they are adopted or your biological children. We are stepping into becoming parents with eyes wide open – and faith that God is in control. If you have any resources, ideas, or positive stories of adoption, I’m all ears!

Give Financially.

If you want to contribute financially to our adoption, you can use the link below. We’re working to raise an initial $5000 to cover Home Study and our Adoption Consultant. Once we reach $2000, we will be able to start our home study. Once that is completed (it can take up to 5 months), we will be able to apply for a tax-deductible giving organization. If you want a tax-deductible receipt, you may wish to wait to give at that time.

Give to Udall Adoption


Most of all, we want to communicate how thankful we are for the community of supportive people in our life. It will not only take a village to raise our baby but also to make it possible to welcome him/her into our home. Thank you for your support!


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