Adoption Update: Trucking Along

Ben and I have been asked by several friends lately how things are going with our next adoption, and I realized that it has been a while since I sent out an update. We are currently trucking along at a fairly good pace. We had our Home Study Update Interview in March and it went well. It was actually a lot easier than I expected which was a nice surprise.

We have now completed our fingerprinted background checks, CPR course, 2 out of 3 physicals, a pile of paperwork, and most of our Profile Book. We still need to finish up Jonathan’s physical and some more paperwork. We should be done with all of these things by the second week of May.

Financially, things are going well too. We are deeply touched by the gifts we’ve received from friends and family online and through the mail. We are now about 90% funded! We need about $40,000-$45,000 (exact numbers come when we are matched) and we currently stand at about $38,000. We are amazed by God’s provision through the generosity of friends and family.

It is so much harder to take time to process my inner world this time around. However, I will say my heart is open with anticipation of the new Little Person God has planned for our family.

As you might imagine I’ve been thinking a lot about adoption over the past three years. Adoption is such a picture of brokenness and redemption. We are broken and unable to form a child on our own. Our baby’s Birth Family is broken as they aren’t able to support a child at this time. Our Baby is broken as he or she doesn’t get to be with the family they’re genetically related to. But the redemption comes for us as a new child is grafted into our family tree. Redemption comes for our child’s Birth Family as they get to choose a loving family to place their baby with. Redemption comes for our Baby as they become a part of our loving family network while they (hopefully) get to know the family they came from. It’s beautiful.

We are busy these days trying to complete house projects before the baby comes. I’m feeling the ‘nesting’ urge coming on. We’re enjoying the time we have left as a family of three as much as possible. We’re waiting on the Lord’s best timing for us to become a family of four. We’re planning to start matching in July. Thanks for walking with us!

If you want to help support our adoption: Ben + Liz Adoption #2 GoFundMe Page

Update: Interview Scheduled

We are celebrating progress!

Our application has been approved and we are now moving ahead in the adoption process (can I get a “wahoo!”?). The next steps are filling out lots more paperwork (I had “syllabus shock” after opening that email) and going through our Home Study Update interview. Our interview is scheduled for March 3. Our case worker will come to our home and update our report, adding in Jonathan. We have until May 4 to complete our paperwork.

Included in the paperwork are items like getting fingerprinted for a background check and going through a CPR/First Aid Class. In addition, I’m working on our Family Profile which is a printed photo book that will go out to expectant parents and will be how they chose us to be the parents of their baby. It’s fun and a little challenging to try to boil our family down into a book. It seems much easier than last time since I’ve already made one and this time we get to tell them all about our life with Jonathan.

We are also continuing to save our pennies and raise funds. My heart has already been touched by the generosity of many of our family and friends. Thank you so much!! We are now over halfway to our goal of $40K! It is powerful to sense God behind us in this venture. I’m thankful that I can rest in His ability to make it all work when I feel so powerless to control the details.

Thank you for your prayers, friends. I seriously felt a deep peace and joy the day after we announced our adoption and have been continuing to feel that since. I know this peace is the result of your prayers. My biggest grief in adoption is not being able to protect our baby in the womb. Would you please join us in praying for his or her protection as we move forward? I know it’s out of my control and I need to trust God with our child. However, my Mother’s Heart is really struggling with this.

Your support of us during this time means the world to us as a family. We are incredibly thankful for you!!

If you want to help support our adoption: Ben + Liz Adoption #2 GoFundMe Page