Twins Update: Things are Hopping

We are now four (4) weeks away until the twins’ c-section due date in Reno, Nevada (October 15) and things are hopping. We have now video chatted with our girls’ birth parents, found our double strollers, decided on the girls’ names, made our travel plans, planned out Jonathan’s care, and about 100 other things. It has been an exciting and stressful time but we are loving it! We cannot wait to hold those sweet girls in our arms.

We were able to video chat with the girls’ birth parents on Labor Day. It was wonderful to ‘meet’ Elizabeth (who goes by Liz!) and Josh. We connected well and had a great time talking. We were able to see ultrasound pictures (which was so special as we never received those for Jonathan) and learned that the girls have a full sister one year older than them (who lives with a relative). We also learned that Elizabeth has chosen names for the girls. It was so fun to realize that we chose similar names with the same starting letter. So, for now we will call Baby A – “A” and Baby B – “E” as we publicly talk about them. If Elizabeth chooses she can legally give them her chosen names when she fills out the birth certificate information at the hospital. We can then change their names legally once our adoption is finalized in 6-7 months.

During our call, we also learned that Elizabeth is going to weekly doctor appointments as she has a high risk pregnancy. The girls share the same placenta which means one is getting more nutrients than the other. There is about a pound difference between them with E being larger than A. I just received an update and learned they are doing really well. E is now 5 lbs 2 oz and A is 4 lbs 6 oz. We are so encouraged and pray they can continue to grow big and strong for the next four weeks in Elizabeth’s womb until October 15. Thanks for all of your prayers, friends!

We have our baby shower this Sunday and it will be so fun to celebrate and pray with our friends and family. I’m working hard to make sure we have everything we will need before the girls come. A dear friend has given us some beautiful girls clothes and a fellow Twin Mom is donating her twin clothes to us! We have already received several shower gifts (three of the gifts with no “from” information – please let me know if you’ve sent us something that has already arrived – I want to thank you). We are feeling very blessed and thankful for all of the outpouring of your help and love.

Something else to pray about is that we need to purchase a mini van in the next couple of weeks. We have started our research but it’s a bit intimidating. We had plans to switch cars with Ben’s parents as they have a larger vehicle but our car seat fit test a few days ago made us realize we need a larger vehicle. It will be nice to have that settled before the girls come.

Thank you all again, friends, for your support and prayers. I’m working on setting up a tentative schedule of people who would like to come and help with the babies for the first eight weeks after their we arrive home. Other Twin Moms have suggested that this is very helpful! Please let me know if you would like to be on the list of people to come over for a few hours one morning or afternoon after we’re back. I will need lots of help once Ben returns to work!