We’re Having Twins: Ahhhhhh!

Over the past 38 hours Ben and I have yelled to each other, “Twins! Ahhhh!” multiple times. We are so surprised to find ourselves matched with twins and we are still a bit in shock! This is a very rare occurrence in adoptions and it’s so completely unexpected. Ben and I are currently wrapping our heads around all that this means for our family but here are a few initial thoughts…

We received a call from our case worker Brenda Wednesday night with the good news. We were doing some house projects at in our front yard when we got the call around 7:45 PM. When Brenda told us Birth Mom, Elizabeth, chose us to be the parents of her IDENTICAL TWIN GIRLS we just screamed and screamed. We scared poor Jonathan half to death and probably raised a few eyebrows in our quiet neighborhood. Ha!

When we hung up with Brenda we both sat down in the front lawn with Jonathan to comfort him (“happy screams”) and tell him the good news – “You’re going to have TWO sisters!” I then looked at Ben, “Is the world spinning?” He replied, “Yes it is.” We couldn’t figure out what we were supposed to do first so we started calling our family to let everyone know that twin girls are on their way!

Since then there have been a lot of emotions and a lot to think about. I was up until 2 AM that first night and then woke up very early with my mind spinning. The girls are due by c-section on October 15 in Reno, Nevada. We have figured out that Ben and I will be flying out a day or two before their birth and then we will be staying there until we are able to take them home. Twins are often in the NICU for at least a few days before they can be discharged. Once they are discharged from the hospital, we will bring them “home” (to our hotel room) until we are cleared to leave the state. There is interstate paperwork that must be completed before we can legally bring them back to Colorado. This should take 4-7 days.

This, sadly, means that we will not be able to bring our dear Jonathan with us for this part of the adventure. He will stay in Colorado with Ben’s wonderful parents and will be watched by some friends during the day while Peter and Debbie work. This is VERY hard for my Mama Heart as I want him to be with us during this important time. Also, his 3rd birthday is 12 days after the girls’ birth and we may not be with him for it. I’m pretty sure I will be grieving these things more than Jonathan but but it will be hard for him. I’m mostly praying that he won’t be scarred by our leaving him for two weeks and then coming home with our precious girls who are going to totally rock his world. Please pray for protection over his sweet heart and wisdom for all of us as we go through this transition to a family of five together.

So, what are we working on now? There is a lot of paperwork to complete in the next 24 hours to finalize the Match with Elizabeth. We also need to wire our funds to the agency during this time. We have the majority of the funds needed but we will need to take out a loan for the final $12,000. We will be having a FaceTime call with Elizabeth and her case worker in the coming week to start to get to know each other.

In addition, we are plugging away at some house projects that are currently in process before the babies come. I’m pretty sure nothing productive is going to be accomplished in our lives for 6-12 months after their arrival. Haha I’ll also be working on gathering and organizing baby clothes and items, de-cluttering the house as much as you can with a toddler, and cooking and freezing meals to help get us through the first months, etc.

Some dear friends are throwing us a shower to help with the extra things we’ll need with twins. I’m also working on researching all of the equipment and supplies that other twin parents tell me we’ll need to survive the first year.

All of the logistics and details aside, let me tell you that my Mama heart is dancing with delight and leaning into Jesus, my Rock, as we welcome these two precious girls into our family. The moment I saw Elizabeth’s information I sensed that this was to be. I was totally terrified and excited at that prospect. I am still shocked and amazed that she really picked us and I’m still a little terrified. However, I know that on the days when we’re all in tears that it will all be worth it. God is writing our story and I can totally rest in Him and His ability to carry us through those many messy days.

Thank you to everyone who has already offered their help and support. Please know that if you offer help, I am going to take you up on it because I know we cannot do this alone. If you feel so led to give financially, the link below is still good. We will need to pay for our Nevada travel expenses as well as the girls’ medical expenses not covered by insurance and the upcoming finalization legal fees. Any extra will go to paying off our loan.

Thank you so much for celebrating with us!

If you want to help support our adoption: Ben + Liz Adoption #2 GoFundMe Page

10 thoughts on “We’re Having Twins: Ahhhhhh!

  1. Sarah Bell says:

    Oh Liz…. I’m just thinking about how wonderful girls/daughters are….. And siblings for Johnathan!! Truly some of the very best gifts in life. I am also encouraged by your reminder of Who is in control & writing the details of our life stories. May we honor him with our trust! I look forward to following your story in the next weeks!!!

    • Liz Udall says:

      Amen Sister!! And thank you! The night we found out about being matched my mind was racing with many thoughts including all of the things that could go wrong. Then Jesus lead me to Psalm 112:7 – “He will not fear evil tidings; His heart is steadfast, trusting in the Lord.” Trying to cling to this when those thoughts come up. God has this!

  2. Mitzi says:

    Congratulations Liz!! Wow! What a blessing! I’ll be praying for y’all, Jonathan, the girls, the birth…God is so good ❤️

    • Liz Udall says:

      Thank you Mitzi!! God is so good and so faithful AND so surprising sometimes!! Haha! Thank you very much for your prayers. We appreciate it SO much!

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