Adoption Update: 1/2 to Fund Goal! + Next Steps

mountainI am so encouraged today. After a season of seemingly plateauing in the adoption process, we have made some great strides! Thanks to some generous friends and the selling of the company Ben works for, we are now a little over ½ of the way to our ultimate goal of $40K. This is incredible!! I have many personal journal entries from the past year, asking the Lord how in the world we would get to this giant number. He keeps reminding me that the He is able to move mountains – even even financial ones. By His grace, I’m clearly seeing that He is doing it!

We have now completed all of our Home Study meetings and will do a final review of our 25-page study this week. Once signed and filed our Home Study is done we are legally able to adopt.

What’s Next?

This summer we’re going to continue to prepare financially, emotionally, and spiritually for adoption. We will also be working on our official Profile Book (a photo book that introduces our family to potential Birth Moms). Our goal is to start matching in mid-August. The matching process takes an average of seven months. During this time, our Profile Book will be presented to potential Birth Moms along with several other families’ books. When we are chosen, we will be notified by our agency. We then decide if we want to move forward with the Match. Once we choose to move forward, we will pay the majority of the Adoption Cost at that time.

We can be matched at any time during our Birth Mom’s pregnancy (normally she is at least 20 weeks along). So, once matched, a time of waiting ensues. The culmination of the waiting is when Baby is born. Ideally, we will be at the hospital during their birth. The plan would be to receive Baby at that time. In Colorado our Birth Mom has two days to finalize her placement plan.

Once Baby is placed with us, we have follow up home visits with our caseworker. After six months, if all goes well, Baby becomes our child legally and is issued a new birth certificate with our names added as their parents.

So, there’s a journey ahead. There are many unknowns. I’m so thankful that I can trust our unknown future to a Known God. He is Faithful!