Big News: Home Study Done – New Funding Site

Udall Family-9 SquareLast week we hit our biggest milestone yet in our adoption process! After working on it for about eight months, our Home Study is now officially Complete! :-D We are now entering a season of preparation. For the next two months we will focus on funding and preparing to start the Matching Process in August. It takes an average of seven months to match and then we wait for Baby to be born.

Now that our Home Study is done we qualify to join a non-profit adoption funding site: Adopt Together. If you are interested in giving toward our adoption and receiving a tax-deductible receipt, please go to our new giving page:

We are crazy excited that becoming parents seems to be ‘just around the corner’. Once we start matching, it’s hard to tell how long it will be until we welcome Baby Udall into our home. It could be anywhere between three months to 24 months. There’s a wild ride ahead. We are so thankful to have the Lord and you, our awesome community with us!

Adoption Update: 1/2 to Fund Goal! + Next Steps

mountainI am so encouraged today. After a season of seemingly plateauing in the adoption process, we have made some great strides! Thanks to some generous friends and the selling of the company Ben works for, we are now a little over ½ of the way to our ultimate goal of $40K. This is incredible!! I have many personal journal entries from the past year, asking the Lord how in the world we would get to this giant number. He keeps reminding me that the He is able to move mountains – even even financial ones. By His grace, I’m clearly seeing that He is doing it!

We have now completed all of our Home Study meetings and will do a final review of our 25-page study this week. Once signed and filed our Home Study is done we are legally able to adopt.

What’s Next?

This summer we’re going to continue to prepare financially, emotionally, and spiritually for adoption. We will also be working on our official Profile Book (a photo book that introduces our family to potential Birth Moms). Our goal is to start matching in mid-August. The matching process takes an average of seven months. During this time, our Profile Book will be presented to potential Birth Moms along with several other families’ books. When we are chosen, we will be notified by our agency. We then decide if we want to move forward with the Match. Once we choose to move forward, we will pay the majority of the Adoption Cost at that time.

We can be matched at any time during our Birth Mom’s pregnancy (normally she is at least 20 weeks along). So, once matched, a time of waiting ensues. The culmination of the waiting is when Baby is born. Ideally, we will be at the hospital during their birth. The plan would be to receive Baby at that time. In Colorado our Birth Mom has two days to finalize her placement plan.

Once Baby is placed with us, we have follow up home visits with our caseworker. After six months, if all goes well, Baby becomes our child legally and is issued a new birth certificate with our names added as their parents.

So, there’s a journey ahead. There are many unknowns. I’m so thankful that I can trust our unknown future to a Known God. He is Faithful!

Adoption Fund – 1/3 of the Way!

Udall Family-20I have some exciting news to share today!! We are now 1/3 of the way to our Adoption Fund Goal of $30,000! A huge THANK YOU to everyone who gave toward this fund and helped to make this possible (you know who you wonderful people are). I am floored that we have gotten this far in the past nine months.

The current plan is to continue to aggressively save throughout the spring/summer and then start matching with prospective Birth Moms in the early Fall. That means while we’re working hard to save, we are progressing on finishing up our home study and finishing our Profile (photo book) that will be presented to prospective Birth Moms.

It’s still a big mountain to climb but I am so thankful that we follow the One who Moves Mountains. Thank you, friends, for all of your love and support through this process.

If you are interested in giving to our Adoption Fund, you can do that through our GoFundMe account for now. We hope to have a tax-deductible option after our home study is complete.

Ben + Liz Adoption Fund




Adoption Update: Home Study Almost Done

heart-700141_1920My heart has been so blessed by the many friends who have been asking about where we’re at with adoption these days. In the past two months, we have made great strides in the adoption process. We are almost done with our home study! We still have some paperwork to complete and one more meeting with our case worker (who is awesome by the way) but then we will (hopefully) be officially legally approved to adopt.

One of the more significant parts of the home study process so far were the CORE Classes we were required to take by the state. The classes were a solid 16 hours of training on all sorts of adoption issues – Relating to Birth Mom, Legal Issues, Baby’s Birth at the Hospital, Bonding, Newborn Training, and more! It was incredible. I actually cannot imagine adopting without being given this information. Hubby and I both left feeling empowered and at peace about the path we’re on.

So, what’s next? Now we work and wait. We will be working to more heavily save, fundraise, and apply for grants once we are given home study approval. I have a sense that the waiting period will be long, but I am at rest about it. This is our season of “adoption pregnancy,” complete with moments of Morning Sickness of the Heart. I am so thankful for the space to prepare to welcome our little one into our lives.

Thank you everyone for your amazing support and prayers during this process. I’ve said it before, but it will not only take a village to raise our child but a village to welcome them into our home too. Thank you for walking with us. My heart is overflowing with joy.






I Don’t Have to be Pregnant Anymore – On Letting Go

Photo Credit: Brad Smith

Photo Credit: Brad Smith

A year ago one of my friends in my infertility support group calmly and joyfully announced that she asked God to take away her desire to be pregnant. When those words hit my ears, I thought she was nuts (sorry friend). Who would pray such a thing? Isn’t pregnancy a natural and right thing to desire? I could not begin to fathom praying a prayer like that. Not when becoming pregnant with our child was the one thing I wanted most in all of the world. Not when I cried and prayed for this miracle every day. Not when all I wanted was a Baby and a Baby NOW!

Many, many months have passed since that time. Following my surgery that determined that we could not naturally become pregnant (you can read about that here), I grieved and cried every day. My grief was so deep, and my hunger to be pregnant so strong, that it was really hard to see past it. I thought about my friend’s prayer from time to time but I just couldn’t pray it. It was too hard to let go.

Then two months ago, I heard that still, small Voice in my spirit urging me to pray that prayer: To ask God to take away my insatiable hunger to be pregnant. To fully allow Him to implant the desire to adopt into my heart. With a small seed of faith and lots of emotion, I came to Him and made that request. It was a big, “not-my-will-but-Yours” moment for me.

It wasn’t until about a week later that it dawned on me that I felt much lighter. I wasn’t as sad as before. In fact, I realized that I was at a place of deep peace about not being pregnant and about walking the path of adopting. I had greater joy about the Better Plan God chose for us than I had ever had before.

I guess my friend wasn’t nuts (sorry I thought that about you, friend… you know who you are). Or maybe I’ve joined her in the craziness. Whatever the case, I’m so thankful that God answered my prayer and that I can now move ahead with our adoption with a full heart. I’m thankful God is a Good Shepherd who brings us to the place we need to be as we wait for His timing and trust Him. The path often seems uncomfortable, dark, painful but I can already see how beautiful it is. God is Good, friends. He is so Faithful.



On Going Back to Work

Back to WorkSo, I’ve been away for a while. In the last month there have been some big changes. I started working again after nine months of self-imposed sabbatical. I am so thankful for those months off. I know I would not be at the place of wholeness I’m experiencing now without it. But I am SO thankful to be back in the 9-to-5 working world.

I signed up with a temp agency in the first week of July. The very next week I had my first day at a behavioral health center that does therapy with children who are on the Autism Spectrum. Every day I get to interact with amazing parents and care providers who are working to bring greater potential to the lives of children with an Autism Spectrum Disorder. It’s a privilege to work there. It’s a 6-10 week assignment so we will see what happens after that time is up.

On the adoption front, we have completed our Home Study Application and have a phone call with the Home Study Director on Tuesday. We hope to be in the full swing of Home Study by the end of the month. It will most likely take 2-5 months to complete this very important first step in our adoption process.

On a heart front, I am at peace. I have so much peace about the Wait of adoption right now. At this point, I’m thinking it will be at least two years before we are holding Baby Udall in our arms. It takes a long time to raise $30K. But in that time, I know we are going to grow and mature and be even better parents in the future because of the time spent waiting.

I have more to tell you but it will have to wait for another post. I’m still working on adjusting to this full-time job. Sometimes I really miss all that free time. ;) Thanks for reading!



Adoption Process – Our 6 Steps to Adopt

Udall Family-31Ben and I have been working to clarify what our adoption process will most likely look like. I don’t know about you, but I love lists! From what I know at this point, here’s a overview of our expected process:

Step 1: Home Study –  Where we are Today

This is an assessment of prospective adoptive parents to see if they are suitable to adopt a child. It can take 2-5 months an involves 16 hours of classes, multiple interviews with a social worker, and a LOT of paperwork. The bottom-line purpose of the home study is to decipher any indicators that a child could be abused or neglected. It will be a good process for us to go through as we will be talking through our anticipated parenting plans, etc. before our child is in our arms (kinda like pre-parent counseling).

Step 2: Adoption Consultant Sign-Up

We are planning to work with Dawn and Jason Wright with Christian Adoption Consultants. Adoption Consultants provide added support and resourcing as we walk through the adoption process. They have 10 different vetted agencies that we choose from to apply for placement. Working with a consultant often results in a faster, smoother placement. Dawn and Jason have adopted 9 kids and have already started helping us with our questions.

Step 3: Profile Book Completion

Our profile book is what introduces us to potential Birth Families. They will look through several couple’s profile books at a time to help them choose who they would like to place their child with. It can also be a helpful process for Birth Mom’s to decide if she is going to place her child with a family. Our profile book will contain information about ourselves, including pictures. We will also have an online profile.

Step 4: Sign Up with Agencies

Once we have completed our profile book, we will sign up with several agencies and wait to be chosen.

Step 5: Wait and Selection

We will be waiting until Birth Parents chose us. Depending on how far along our Birth Mom is, we will meet with her before her due date and even (ideally) be at the hospital when our child is born. Some Birth Moms choose to place their baby later in their pregnancy or even right after their baby is born, so we’re waiting to see at what part of our baby’s development we’ll connect.

Step 6: Placement

Once we are holding Baby Udall there will be followup appointments with our social worker. Typically six months after placement, our child legally becomes ours for life and is issued a new birth certificate.

Fundraising and Saving

Throughout this whole process we are also working on Fundraising and Saving. If you want to help in this part of the process, you can send us a check or go to the link below to give. Right now we’re focusing on completing the first two steps of the process. We are almost half way to what we will need for Home Study! We have been amazed and humbled by the generosity of friends and family.

Give to Udall Adoption Through GoFundMe


It’s pretty exciting to step out in faith and to trust God to provide. We fully believe He will provide all we need for this process – financially, emotionally, relationally, etc. We are really thankful that He has us on this path. We are filled with joy as we plan for the steps ahead.



Adoption: Worry vs. Trust

ocean-sea-stones-4358Since announcing our Adoption (see We Are Adopting!) l have been faced with an invisible battle of worry and fretting. Our Bible Study group is going through a book called Undone by Michele Cushatt. It’s a great read. In the book Michele describes worry as a way of seeking control over the unknowns in our lives. That really resonated with me.

See, there are a lot of things I’m worrying about in the adoption process. There are so many unknowns. The big one is not knowing how long the process will take. It almost certainly won’t fit into the ‘normal’ 9-month time frame. In our case, we don’t know what part of the country our child will be from. We don’t know what race our child will be. We don’t know who his or her parents are. We don’t know what part of our child’s first days we’ll be a part of: Will we connect with our Birth Mom months before she goes into labor? Will we get to be there for our child’s birth? There are just a lot of unknowns.

Then there’s the Home Study process that can take up to 5 months and involves a dictionary-sized book of paperwork and multiple interviews that examine every aspect of our lives. At the end of this process we will be either approved or not approved to adopt. That’s intimidating.

There is also the creation of our Profile Book. This is the picture book that introduces who we are as a family to potential Birth Families. It’s our first introduction to our child’s Birth Parents and how they will initially chose us to adopt their Birth Child. And of course I want ours to be perfect.

There are a lot of things out of our control. Bring on the worry! … But God.

Today God interrupted my stream of worried thoughts and led me to read Psalm 37. He rocked my world with this Psalm. In this part of scripture He says things like: “Do not fret, it leads only to harm.” “Rest in the Lord and wait patiently for Him.” “Commit your way to the Lord, trust also in Him, and He will do it.”

Then I ran into this part: “When they stumble, they will never fall, for the Lord holds them by the hand.” Isn’t that a beautiful picture? As Ben and I walk into this season filled with unknowns He holds our hand. Like a Daddy with his toddler. When we hit the cracks in the sidewalk, we aren’t going to fall.

This Psalm is so rich with truth. Powerful truth that today has stopped the raging sea of worry within my soul and replaced it with Peaceful Trust. I know this battle of seeking control through worry vs. peaceful trust in God has only just begun. But I’m so thankful that today, the Lord used Truth to over come my worry. I am going to be visiting Psalm 37 often over the coming months. God is our Help in this process. He is Good. He is Faithful. He will do it!



Adoption: Four Ways to Pray for Us

Square Udall Family-55My friend Amy asked me earlier this week how she can be praying for Ben and me as we prepare to adopt. I was so touched by her commitment to pray for us. It meant more than I imagined to know that she and her husband are standing with us in this process.

Lately I’ve been struck by the immensity of what we are doing. To move toward parenthood in this way brings so much heart-wrenching emotion. So many ‘what-ifs’. I feel the need for God’s help and the support of our community more now than ever.

If you feel so led to pray for us, here’s a short list of things to pray for as we fully step into the adoption process.

1. Wisdom to Prepare Well

We need lots of wisdom of how to prepare physically, mentally, and emotionally for welcoming our little one into our home. We don’t know at what stage we will meet our Birth Mom/child – it could be months before they are born or days after they are born or something in between. It’s a lot for this planner.

2. Healing of Our Hearts

We are working through the grief of infertility but still have more work to do. Even as we are so excited to welcome our little one into our home, we grieve the loss of a dream. We want to be as emotionally healthy as possible as we become parents.

3. Peace and Patience with the Process

As we move forward with the many adoption details and emotions, we have a need for God’s peace and for patience with the waiting. Please pray that we would rest in God’s sovereignty and trust His faithfulness.

4. Healthy Baby

We have already been praying for our future Birth Family and for how our child will be taken care of in the womb. Would you join us in praying for the well-being of our child even now?


Again, we have been amazed and touched by the support and love of our community. Thank you for walking with us in this.



Adoption Photo Shoot

Udall Family-32 square reducedAt the end of May, Ben and I participated in our Adoption Photo Shoot. It was a time to celebrate our commitment to adopt and I’m so excited to share the photos with you.

Our generous friends Tyler and Melanie Dexter are amazingly talented photographers and SO much fun to work with! We are grateful for them. (Check them out at their TMDexter Photography Facebook Page.)

Also, we have to give a huge shout out to our friend Sara Jerez who created these beautiful signs for us. Thank you so much, Sara! We are blessed!

Here are some of our favorites from the day:


Reduced Udall Family-4

Reduced Udall Family-8Reduced Udall Family-15Reduced Udall Family-20Reduced Udall Family-27Reduced Udall Family-53Reduced Udall Family-55Reduced Udall Family-60Reduced Udall Family-63