Adoption: 75% Funded, Matching Starting Soon!

Square Udall Family-55We are just trucking along! We hit the $30,000 mark in our funding last week thanks to several generous gifts from amazing friends. This means we are now 75% funded!! The actual amount we will have to pay for our adoption is different with each situation presented so we’re seeking to be prepared with $40,000 (we have seen that it can be more than this amount but more often less).

Since finishing our Home Study we have started to receive matches! These are emails that are sent to us from our agency (Adoption Choices of Colorado) with information about birth parents, medical history, substance exposure, baby due date, etc. We have to finish our Profile Book in order to respond to these. So, that’s our project for the week: Get the Profile Book done!

Once our Profile Book is done we will pray through and research each match presented to decide if we want to allow our book to be presented. Then our book will be shown to our potential Birth Mom (and Dad if he’s involved in the process) along with about four other families’ books. If chosen, we will sign a contract and pay our huge chunk of money ($35K – $45K). Then we wait for Baby to be born! The two possible matches we have seen so far had due dates of October 20 and July 29 so placement could happen quickly after we are chosen. It is also possible that it could be some time before we are chosen so we’re trying to prepare for anything.

We’re also seeking to prepare ourselves in other ways. We’ve started dreaming about nursery design and we’ve been realizing we need a few basic items – such as a car seat – just in case things go really fast. It’s becoming real! We’re also taking a four-day weekend to complete a landscaping project that we’ve been poking at for the past five years.

I am starting to allow myself to dream about holding our baby. It’s exciting and terrifying all at the same time. There’s still much to get done but not knowing how long we have to prepare makes planning tricky. Please pray for us about preparation and that we’ll be wise in allowing our Profile Book to be shown to the right Birth Mom(s) at the right time.

Thank you for being on the journey with us. We cannot adequately express how much the words of encouragement, listening ears, financial gifts, prayers, physical gifts, and shared tears have meant to us. We are thankful!

PS – If you’re considering giving toward our adoption, here’s the tax-deductible giving link: Adopt Together

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