Adoption: Four Ways to Pray for Us

Square Udall Family-55My friend Amy asked me earlier this week how she can be praying for Ben and me as we prepare to adopt. I was so touched by her commitment to pray for us. It meant more than I imagined to know that she and her husband are standing with us in this process.

Lately I’ve been struck by the immensity of what we are doing. To move toward parenthood in this way brings so much heart-wrenching emotion. So many ‘what-ifs’. I feel the need for God’s help and the support of our community more now than ever.

If you feel so led to pray for us, here’s a short list of things to pray for as we fully step into the adoption process.

1. Wisdom to Prepare Well

We need lots of wisdom of how to prepare physically, mentally, and emotionally for welcoming our little one into our home. We don’t know at what stage we will meet our Birth Mom/child – it could be months before they are born or days after they are born or something in between. It’s a lot for this planner.

2. Healing of Our Hearts

We are working through the grief of infertility but still have more work to do. Even as we are so excited to welcome our little one into our home, we grieve the loss of a dream. We want to be as emotionally healthy as possible as we become parents.

3. Peace and Patience with the Process

As we move forward with the many adoption details and emotions, we have a need for God’s peace and for patience with the waiting. Please pray that we would rest in God’s sovereignty and trust His faithfulness.

4. Healthy Baby

We have already been praying for our future Birth Family and for how our child will be taken care of in the womb. Would you join us in praying for the well-being of our child even now?


Again, we have been amazed and touched by the support and love of our community. Thank you for walking with us in this.



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